Tree Pruning vs. Brush Chipping: What's The Difference?

Tree pruning and brush chipping are both important tasks that need to be done regularly to keep the health and safety of your trees. Tree pruning is trimming dead or excess branches from a tree to encourage new growth or improve its appearance.

On the other hand, brush chipping removes dead or excess leaves, twigs, and branches from an area to reduce fire hazards and improve the landscape’s appearance. Both are important activities that should be performed every now and then to keep your property safe and healthy.

Main Differences 

Keep in mind that as these two services serve the same greater goal, they both work for different purposes. This is why you need to learn the main differences between the two of them:  

  • Different Purpose

The main difference between tree pruning and brush chipping is the purpose of each activity. Pruning is typically done to encourage new growth or improve the appearance of a tree. In contrast, chipping is usually done to reduce fire hazards or improve the landscape’s appearance.

  • Based on Your Needs

Another difference is that pruning is typically done on larger branches; on the other hand, chipping is best suited for smaller twigs and branches. This is because tree pruning can help improve the shape and form of a tree, while brush chipping simply clears away unwanted debris.

  • Tools & Equipment

The final difference between pruning and chipping is the tools used for each task. Tree pruning is usually done with a saw or pruning shears, while brush chipping typically requires a chipper or shredder.

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