The 10 Best Trees for New Hampshire Landscapes

With the changing seasons, now is a great time to start planning how you want your New Hampshire landscape to look this spring. Whether adding flowers and shrubs or planting new trees, you need to consider what works best in your area. That way, you can enjoy a beautiful and functional landscape during the prettiest season of the year. 

Planting the right trees can provide shade and improved air quality for your home, so picking them well is important. In this blog post, we’ll go through the top ten trees for New Hampshire Landscapes. That way, you can learn what makes these options unique, why they are ideal for your area, and how to take care of them properly. Ready to start?

1. Eastern White Pine

This is the tree of the state! It grows tall and strong, reaching up to 80 feet in height, and can provide much-needed shade during the hottest days of the year. This beautiful specimen is also great for erosion control, as its strong roots help keep soil in place.

2. Sugar Maple 

This species is well-known for its beautiful bright green leaves in the spring and orange and yellow foliage during the fall. It’s also a great option to increase biodiversity as it provides food and shelter to various animals, such as woodpeckers, squirrels, deer, and more. The best part? With the right tools, you can make maple syrup!

3. Red Oak

This tree is a very popular option for New Hampshire landscapes, thanks to its unique red-tinged leaves and fast growth rate of up to two feet per year. It has an incredibly dense canopy that provides plenty of shade and is extremely drought-resistant.

4. White Birch

This is a great option for smaller yards or areas with limited space, but you still want plenty of beauty in your landscape. It has a graceful, curved trunk, small cones, and white bark to lighten the area. It can reach 50 – 70 feet and is popular for New Hampshire landscapes.

5. American Beech

This magnificent tree is ideal for areas with plenty of space. It can grow up to 90 feet tall, and its large canopy will provide the perfect shade. It has a smooth gray bark, and its leaves can change from green to yellow during autumn.

6. Northern Red Cabbage

An excellent option if you want to add a bit of color to your landscape. Its purple-red foliage will look amazing during the spring and summer and is also highly resistant to pests. This tree is made to impress with its red bark and stunning leaves. 

7. Black Cherry 

If you’re looking for a species that blooms in the spring and provides beautiful, edible fruit later in the season, this is your best bet. Its oval leaves will provide plenty of shade during the summertime, and its dark purple-black bark can add contrast to your landscape. 

8. American Chestnut

This is a great choice to add some character to your landscape. It has large, flat leaves, and its nuts are edible for humans and animals, so you can always see squirrels! Its bark is thick and dark gray, with bright yellow-green foliage in the spring.

9. Paper Birch 

This tree is perfect for those looking for a statement piece in their landscape. It grows up to 70 feet high, and its bark is white with dark patches, creating a stunning contrast. Its woodsy scent will also make your home feel even more inviting. 

10. American Elm

Another tree that’s great for providing shade all year long. It has a roundish canopy, and its leaves are bright green, turning yellow during fall. Its bark is gray-brown and can reach up to 80 feet in height. However, it’s important to look out for Dutch Elm Disease, which can affect this species if left untreated.

Keep Your New Trees in Top Condition This Season

Now that you know the best tree options, it’s time to make your pick! However, no matter what you choose, keeping up with regular tree care is important to ensure your landscape stays beautiful and safe. And that’s where Phil’s Tree Service Seacoast can help! We’ve worked with many homeowners, providing expert tree services in New Hampshire. You can trust our skills!

Here’s all you need to do:

  1. Contact us.
  2. Schedule an assessment.
  3. Allow our specialists to design a tree care plan for your landscape.

We understand that you want the best for your trees. That’s why we are committed to helping you keep them in peak condition year-round. Whether it’s pruning, fertilizing, or disease and pest control, your trees will always be healthy and appealing. Don’t risk wasting your effort and money by postponing tree care services. Work with our tree arborists in Hampshire!