Crane-Assisted Tree Removal Services In Lee, NH

Are you anxious and scared about that large old tree on your property? At Phil’s Tree Service Seacoast, we understand how scary it can be to deal with the fear of a tree on your property falling apart, compromising your safety. Not to mention the added tension of finding a tree removal company that offers an easy process and great results. But don’t worry! We’re here to help!

At Phil’s Tree Service Seacoast, we are a professional company in Lee, NH, that offers trustworthy tree removal services. We have been in this industry for over 10 years, helping homeowners remove trees from their properties quickly and safely. We utilize the power of a crane to lift out entire trees, allowing for safe and efficient removal without the need for extra equipment like boom trucks.

Tips To Know When It's Time To Call The Professionals

* The tree is too close to an existing structure, such as a house or garage.

* The tree is leaning or has weak branches and can’t be safely taken down using traditional methods.

* The tree trunk is too large for any other method of removal.

* The tree is near power lines or other objects that require extra safety concerns.

The Benefits Of Getting Professional Crane-Assisted Tree Removal Services

Our crane-assisted tree removal services offer faster and safer solutions than traditional tree removal services. We can remove a large portion of the tree in one go, meaning you don’t have to worry about the tree falling apart and causing damage.

We also use a crane to lower any large branches or trunks our team can’t handle, providing an extra layer of safety when working in tight spaces. So don’t waste your time on DIY tree removal projects that can cause more harm than good. You deserve to feel safe and trust that the job will be done correctly. That is why we offer efficient solutions; your safety won’t be compromised.

One Call Away To Get Rid Of That Old & Large Tree In Your Property

  1. Call us or fill out our online contact form to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced professionals
  2. We will assess the tree, calculate the cost and provide a detailed estimate
  3.  Our team will arrive at your property and safely remove the tree using our crane-assisted services

Get The Convenient Tree Services You Deserve!

Avoid hiring a company that will worsen your situation instead of helping you with the problem. If you are struggling with removing an old tree on your property, look no further and contact Phil’s Tree Service Seacoast! We guarantee you long-lasting results at an affordable price. 

We are skilled in crane-assisted tree removal services and can tackle jobs other companies may not be willing to take on. From inaccessible areas to correct hazardous conditions, our team is equipped with the necessary tools and services to do the job quickly and efficiently.

Start Using Our Service Now

Mother Nature is unpredictable, but don't worry; our fast responses are reliable. Call Phil’s Tree Service and schedule your free estimate. Let us trim away your problems.

Phil did an amazing job removing a large dead oak tree that was very close to the house. He was safe, friendly, reliable, and competitively priced. I was impressed with how wonderfully clean he left the surrounding area. One would have never known a tree was removed. We will definitely use him in the future!
Coleen B