Firewood For Sale In Lee, NH

Are you ready to keep your family and home warm all year long? Our firewood sale is the perfect solution! Whether you are an experienced homeowner or a first-time buyer, we make it easy for anyone to find reliable, quality fuel sources. With our excellent selection of hardwoods, you can cover all your firewood needs!

Our firewood sale at Phil’s Tree Service has a variety of green, seasoned, and cord of firewood so you can pick the right fuel for your home. With our experience and affordable prices, you can get the heat on quickly. Reach out to us today to get all the benefits of having a reliable, quality firewood sale at your fingertips! 

The Importance of Selecting The Right Wood

When selecting firewood, it is essential to ensure that you pick the right type of wood. Not all woods are suitable for use as fuel, and picking an ill-suited option can lead to a frustrating experience. Luckily, we’ve made a list of three ideal options we have available for you and how each can suit different needs:

Cord of Firewood

A cord of firewood is the most popular option regarding volume, affordability, and burn time. Cordwood is typically denser than green or seasoned options and burns hotter for longer periods, meaning a long-term investment.

Green Firewood

This firewood has not been dried to reduce its moisture content before burning. This means it will burn for a shorter period than cordwood but is often much less expensive. This option is particularly useful if you need quick and budget-friendly fuel for the short term.

Seasoned Firewood:

Not as popular as the Cord of Firewood, seasoned firewood has been dried out before burning to reduce its moisture content. This helps it burn hotter and longer than green firewood but also makes it more expensive. For a reliable, long-term fuel source, seasoned firewood may be the perfect option.

Come to Phil’s Tree Service For The Best Firewood

When looking for firewood, it’s important to have a local provider you can trust. That’s when Phil’s Tree Service Seacoast can help! As tree experts, we understand the importance of having the right type of firewood for each situation. Our selection of Cord, Green, and Seasoned Firewood will help you find the perfect option to suit your needs without compromising on quality.


With many years in the market and a great commitment to our community, we guarantee that we will help you keep your home in the best condition all year round. Whether you’re after good firewood or expert tree care services, we are your go-to company in New Hampshire. Contact us today so we can help with all your tree-related needs!

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Phil did an amazing job removing a large dead oak tree that was very close to the house. He was safe, friendly, reliable, and competitively priced. I was impressed with how wonderfully clean he left the surrounding area. One would have never known a tree was removed. We will definitely use him in the future!
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