From Root to Leaf: Common Tree Health Issues & How to Address Them

Trees are the silent heroes of our backyards, aren’t they? They stand tall, offering shade and beauty, asking for little in return. But just like us, they can run into health issues. When your big plants aren’t feeling their best, it impacts their looks and the vibe of your outdoor space.

This blog post will shed light on common tree health issues affecting your lush green giants, potentially impacting your property’s overall aesthetics and value. We’ll also provide practical solutions to these problems, empowering you with the knowledge to keep your trees healthy and strong. Read on!

Leaves of a viburnum bush, eaten by a worm

The Green Giants’ Common Ailments

We must first understand what we’re up against to ensure optimal tree health. Here are three common tree health issues that may affect more than your property’s curb appeal:

1) Fungus Infections

These sneaky invaders often appear as weird growths, color changes, or wilting leaves on your tree. If you’ve noticed any of these signs, it’s time to act. Fungal diseases can spread fast and wide, threatening not just one tree but all the trees on your property.

2) Pest Infestations

From beetles to aphids, pests love making homes out of our trees. Telltale signs include dying branches, holes in the trunk, or more leaves on the ground than on the tree.

3) Root Problems

Poor drainage, compacted soil, or root rot can all affect your tree’s health. Symptoms like yellowing leaves or sudden tree lean might mean its roots are struggling. Neglecting these issues can make your tree a hazard to your home and the people around it.

Nurturing Your Trees Back to Health

Now that we know what we’re up against let’s explore some steps to restore your trees to their former glory:

1) For Fungus Infections

The first step is keeping a keen eye on your trees. Regular inspections can help catch fungal diseases early. If you spot any signs of infection, fungicides can be a solid line of defense.

2) For Pest Infestations

Just like with fungal infections, regular tree evaluation is key. If you spot pests, consider using eco-friendly pesticides or introducing beneficial insects.

3) For Root Problems

The best solution here is prevention. Ensuring your trees are planted in well-draining soil and aren’t waterlogged is crucial. Aeration techniques can help improve soil quality for existing trees with root issues and give your tree’s roots the space they need to thrive.

Pro Tip: If you live in a city where big trees are landscape characteristics, like Hampton, NH, you can opt for expert tree care services. Professionals can assist you with choosing and applying suitable pesticides and fungicides, among other things.

Reaping the Benefits of Tree Evaluation

By taking the steps outlined above, you’ll not only be protecting your trees but also enhancing your property in several ways:

  • Proper tree care fosters healthier, disease-resistant trees for a happier backyard.
  • Healthy trees enhance your property’s charm, boosting its visual appeal.
  • Early detection of tree health issues can save you money, as treating is cheaper than removing.

Leaf it to Us: Foster a Healthy Environment with Phil’s Tree Service Seacoast

Caring for the trees on your property might seem tiring. However, when one of them gets sick, finding a way to save it can be overwhelming. At Phil’s Tree Service Seacoast, we know what it takes to keep your big plants thriving. And you deserve expert help to achieve this.

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